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Radar Sites
NWS High Res   Precip Analysis   Intellicast   Intellicast 24-hr   Intellicast Radar Sum   ILX   RAP radar   Wx Channel Radar   High Res Radar (COD)   US ani (AZ)   Unidata Comp.   Multi-sensor Precip   Weather Tap
Satellite Products
NASA   GOES-12 East   GOES-12 East Loop   GOES-10 West   GOES-8 Full Disk   RAMSDIS
NASA   GOES-12 East   GOES-12 East Loop   GOES-10 West   GOES-10 Full Disk   RAMSDIS
Water Vapor
MODIS Near Real Time   RAP Satellite
Constant Pressure Level Maps and Analysis links
850mb   700mb   500mb   300mb   250mb (RAP)   200mb (RAP)   RAP Upper Air   SFC and Upperair Maps (analyzed and Un-analyzed)   Wxcaster all-levels   COD SFC, UPPER, SAT and RADAR   NOAA Current Wx (US County map)   Earl's   NCEP (radar + sfc)   FSL interactive   PSU sfc (with past 24hrs)
C-U (Willard)   Chicago ORD   Indy   STL   Clickable map
SPC Soundings   Univ. of Wyoming   COD   Plymouth State   Wxcaster Skewt   RAP Upper Air (soundings and maps for model varification)
COD (280-310K Mixing Ratio, Winds, and Theta-E)
HPC       Short range   Prelim Extended range   Final Extended rage   QPF   Excessive Rainfall   Heavy Snow   COD IL Text Prods   ILX
Forecast maps from Wisc.
ETA   GFS (ANV)   MRF   4-Model Comparison  
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Forecast Soundings
COD   Air Resourses Lab   Plymouth State   NIU   wxcaster  
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RAP ETA   RAP GFS   RAP RUC   MM5/WRF NCAR   COD Model Page (all)   NCEP Model and Analysis page (all)   Stormeyes Model page (all)   PSU Electronic Map Wall   Earl's Model page   Model Varification   Ensemble Spaghetti Plots   30 DAY  
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National Hurricane Center   CIMMS Tropical Cyclones UWM   NRL   Wunderground   COD   SSEC SST   Atlantic Shear   GOES Shear Tend   Wind Shear Ani   GOES Divergence   850 Vort   GOES Low-level Winds   GOES Upper-level Winds   NRL Stiched Satellite   NOAA Atl. Vis   IR     NASA Hurricane Sector VIS   IR   WV   Tropical RAMSDID   National Data Buoy Center   Ocean Wx Data   NCEP Cyclogensis Tracks   CSU Tracks   Trop. Cyclone Heat Potential   Kerry Emanuel Max Potential Intensity   Kerry Emanuel Home   MIT Open course Trop. Wx. Svr Haz Tropical Links