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Images Below:    1-Day Accumulated Precip   |   7-Day Accumulated Precip   |   7-Day Precip. Anomalies   |   30-Day Precip. Anomalies (original source)
1 day precip across SA 7 day precip in SA 7-day precip anom in SA 30 day precip anom in SA

Images Below:    Soil Moisture Anomalies for the most recent month   |   most recent season (original source)
Monthly Soil Moisutre Anom Seasonal soil moisture anom in SA

Images Below:   GFS 1-7 Day Precip Forecast   |   GFS 1-7 Day Precip Forecast Anomaly   | 
GFS 8-14 Day Precip Forecast   |   GFS 8-14 Day Precip Forecast Anomaly (original source)
7 day precip forecast for SA by GFS 7 day forecast precip anom in SA by GFS 2 week precip forecast for SA by GFS 2 week precip anomaly for SA forecast by GFS

Last 30 days of Gridded Precip from Rain Guages
| Brazil Precip Analysis By Region | Brazil Water Storage | Brazil 60-day Station Precip Graphs | Brazil's INMET

Latest ENSO Information (original source)

Latest SST Anom for ENSO sub-surface temperature anom for ENSO Nino Region anom
ENSO Forecast NMME ENSO Forecast

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