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Latest US/Cornbelt Ag Forecast - from Monday Nov 19, 2018 - Click Here!
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Current Weather
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US Radar (Click to Animate)

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Recent Precipitation

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Recent Climatological Data (Global)
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Current Satellite Imagery

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GOES 16 (GOES-East)
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Best Websites for generating forecasts from the HRRR, NAM and GFS (until I finish my own graphics...)
Tropical Tidbits
Pivotal Weather

Next 7 days Max/Min Temperatures (NDFD)
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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

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3-day QPF GFS 7day rain  radar
accum precip

GFS Daily Precipitation maps (Days 1-10)

GFS 10-day Precipitation Anomaly

GFS 10-day Global Temeprature Anomaly Animation

GFS 10-day Snowfall | GFS 10-Day Temperatures | GFS 10-day Temperature Anomalies | GFS 10-day Precip Types

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NAM 3.5-Day Temperatures Forecast | NAM 3.5-day Wind Forecast | NAM 3.5-Day Snow Forecast | NAM 0-1m Soil Moisture (%)
accum snow

24-Hour Forecast Map                   48-Hour Forecast Map                    6-10 Day Temps                6-10 Day Precip                  5-Day Precip Forecast

  24-hour weather map48 hour forecast map6-10 Day temps6-10 Day precip5-day Precip Forecast
     8-14 Day Temps            8-14 Day precip                   1-Month Temp               1-Month Precip        
8-14day precip8-14 day precip1-month forecast1-month precip
NMME 3-Month Temperature and Precipitation Forecast (Long Term Weather Links)
NMME 3-month NMME Precip 3-month
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Severe Weather
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Drought/Water Resources

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Snow Water datarecent temp anomsoil moisture ranks
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| Recent Anomalies

Tropical Weather
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Buoy Data

El Nino
Latest SST Anom for ENSO sub-surface temperature anom for ENSO Nino Region anom
ENSO Forecast NMME ENSO ForecastEl Nino Time Series
Explanation of El Nino

Pacific Decadal Oscillation (click here for the latest)

SST Anom
Explanation of PDO (see the "Impacts" section of this article)
Arctic Oscillation | North Atlantic Oscillation | Pacific North American Pattern
Arctic OscillationNorth Atlantic OscillationPNA
AO Explanation | NAO Explanation | PNA Explanation | Link to Original Sources
ECMWF Seasonal Correlation Maps (NAO and ENSO)

Madden-Julian Oscillaiton (MJO) Click here for CPC Main Page
MJO GFS Ensemble
Monthly Temperature and Precipitaiton Composites
MJO Explanation (original source)

QBO Historical Phase