My name is Randy Chase and I am a second year graduate student at UIUC pursuing a degree in atmospheric science. My goal is to expand humanity’s understanding of the atmosphere.

Research Interests

My research interests are on the meso- to micro- scale. Specifically, I am amazed by how the microphysics within a cloud can influence its mesoscale dynamics.

Current Research

My current research is involved with the Cloud Systems Research Group and the Cloud Properties and Processes Group at UIUC. I am working with Steve Nesbitt and Greg McFarquhar on cloud physics. Specifically, I will be using data from the OLYMPEX field campaign and other NASA Ground Validation field campaigns to validate assumptions that the Global Precipitation Measurement radar algorithms make.

Past Research

My past research was involved with the downward transport of ozone rich air within thunderstorms in the Amazon. For two summers I worked under Dr. Jose D. Fuentes at Penn State as part of the Climate Science REU . We used ground based observations of ozone and environmental conditions to detect when ozone enhancements occurred and document their magnitude. See the posters and manuscript on the left of this page for more information.



B.S. Double Major in Meteorology, Water Resources minor in Mathematics 2016

summa cum laude

State University of New York, The College at Brockport


M.Sc. Atmospheric Science 2018

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Advisers: Steve Nesbitt , Greg McFarquhar