About Me

I am a second year graduate student at University of Illinois in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. I am fascinated with clouds so I model them using CM1 on the Blue Waters Super Computer. I analyze my data and generate my plots with NCL and Python, and use the 3D visualization software 'Visit' to produce 3D images and GIFs. There is a Github button at the bottom of the page where some of my code can be accessed in my "Example-Codes" Repository. Also, check out my plots along with some of my favorite storm chasing and recreation/travel/fishing photos by clicking "Learn More"!


Here at the University of Illinois I am advised by Dr. Sonia Lasher-Trapp. Our main focus is numerical modeling of entrainment and the effects on convective clouds.


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Some of my favorite plots and figures I have made using NCL,Python, and Visit, along with some of my favorite storm chasing and travel photos. Enjoy!