Brian Jewett photo Brian F. Jewett
Research Scientist, U.I. Atmos. Sci. Dept.

201 Atmos. Sciences, 105 S. Gregory St.
Urbana, IL, 61801
Email: bjewett (at) illinois (dot) edu
(217) 333-3957 (work), 244-4393 (fax)
  • Research interests:
    • Numerical weather prediction
    • Supercell, squall line morphology
    • Hurricane track, intensity forecasting
  • Teaching
    • Computing and Data Analysis (ATMS 305)
    • Numerical Fluid Dynamics (ATMS 502)
    • Computational Problems in Atms. Science (ATMS 391)
Atms 305
Atms 502
Research pages
*cell interaction
*mcs evolution
*snow bands
*ensemble mod.
*gravity waves
wrf model
Summary page

rt modeling
rap, spc, wpc, nhc


glen r, sam b; old
weather archive

radar: us, il, wt

nws: us, st, il, ilx

storm grp; lead
ncsa - broker
nws - st. louis
indiana univ.
univ. alabama
Welcome.  I teach and carry out research in the Atmospheric Sciences Dept. Much of my work involves numerical modeling, in collaboration with UIUC faculty / staff. My interests include severe storms, winter precipitation, tropical cyclone intensification, and numerical weather prediction. I also run the department's real-time prediction effort. I enjoy field research, e.g. forecasting & flight operations during PLOWS (2009-10).
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