Current Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers (1)

Zhao Yang, Land-Atmosphere Interactions over South America

Ph.D. Students (2)

Huancui Hu, expected graduation 2018, Hydrologic Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers in the Western U.S.

Sujan Pal, expected graduation 2020, Hydrologic Impacts of Extreme Events over Argentina

M.S. Students (3)

Divyansh Chug, expected graduation 2018, Land-Atmosphere Interactions over South America

Carolina Bieri, expected graduation 2019, Impacts of Land Use change on Atmospheric Dynamics

Sean Matus, expected graduation 2018, Hydrologic Impacts of Extreme Weather Events in a Probabilistic Framework


Former Group Members

Ph.D. Students (2)

Erick R. Rivera 2014 Atmospheric rivers and cool season extreme precipitation events in Arizona

Alejandro Martinez 2015 On the Hydroclimate of Southern South America: Water Vapor Transport and the Role of Shallow Groundwater on Land-Atmosphere

M.S. Students (6)

Ryan Fliehman 2012 Examining the Relationship Between Hydroclimatological Variables and High Flow Events

Jacob Meuth 2012 Evapotranspiration Partitioning Using Stable Water Iso- topes in a Semi-Arid Evergreen Forest

Maria Cecilia Rodrigues 2014 Possible influences of Amazon deforestation on the Hydro- climate of South America

Arelis Rivera 2014 A look at water vapor sources for Tucson, AZ during the North American Monsoon season using stable isotope observations

Huancui Hu 2014 Evaluation of Oceanic and Terrestrial Sources of Moisture for the North American Monsoon Using Numerical Models and Precipitation Stable Isotopes

Devon Bracher 2015 Estimating Changes in Atmospheric River-Induced Floods in the Chehalis River Basin

Itinderjot Singh, 2016 Extreme Landfalling Atmospheric River Events in Arizona: Possible Future Changes