Below is a finalized schedule for the conference. CLICK HERE for the full schedule including oral & poster presentation slots.

Saturday, October 7

 Time  Event  Location
8:00-9:00 am  Check-in  NHB 2nd Floor West 
9:00-9:15 am  Opening Remarks   NHB Auditorium
9:15-10:30 am Oral Session I:
Remote Sensing
Urban Envir. & Soc.
NHB Auditorium
10:30-11:00 am Coffee Break  NHB 2nd Floor West 
11:00am-12:00 pm Oral Session II:
Cloud Microphysics (I)
NHB Auditorium
12:00-1:30 pm Lunch Break (on your own)

1:30-2:30 pm Oral Session III:
Weather/Climate Impacts
NHB Auditorium
2:30-3:45 pm Poster Session
Optional NHB Tours
NHB Commons
4:00-4:50 pm Open Forum:
Communicating Nat. Disaster
Impacts (w/ Uccellini & Skilling) 
NHB Auditorium
5:00-6:30 pm Break  
6:30-8:30 pm Keynote Dinner Illini Union Ballroom

Sunday, October 8

 Time  Event  Location
7:30-8:30 am  Check-in  NHB 2nd Floor West 
8:30-9:30 am Oral Session IV:
Cloud Microphysics (II)
NHB Auditorium
9:30-10:00 am Coffee Break  NHB 2nd Floor West 
10:00-11:15 am Oral Session V:
Mesoscale Predicability/Variability
NHB Auditorium
11:30am-1:00 pm Keynote Lunch
Illini Union Ballroom 
1:00-1:15 pm Closing Remarks Illini Union Ballroom