Group Members

Emily Hogan

Emily Hogan (PhD, 2018)

PhD Thesis: The importance of ocean internal variability for coupled climate modeling
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Nutrien, Urbana, IL


Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang (MS, 2018)

MS Thesis:  Analyzing El Nino-Southern Oscillation predictability using Long-Short-Term-Memory models
Current Position: Associate Research Scientist, Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, CA


Hui Li

Hui Li (MS, 2014; PhD 2018) 

MS Thesis:  Model sensitivity of the northwestern Pacific upper-ocean responses to tropical cyclones in a fully-coupled climate model with varying ocean grid resolution
PhD Thesis: Analyzing tropical cyclone-climate interactions using the high-resolution Community Earth System Model
Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Yale University, New Haven, CT


Ben Vega-Westhoff

Sarah Szymborski (MS student 2018-)

Interests: Tropical variability, sea ice, climate change


Ben Vega-Westhoff

Ben Vega-Westhoff (MS, 2016; PhD student 2016-)

MS Thesis: Analyzing the effects of unforced natural variability and anthropogenic forcing on ENSO variability using CESM
Current Position:  Continuing PhD student in R. Sriver's group