Interested in a career in the atmospheric sciences or meteorology? Our department offers a major and a minor in atmospheric sciences within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences here at Illinois in addition to Master's and Ph.D. degree programs within the Graduate College.

Is it 'in' you?

Do you want to understand the power of mother nature? Are you curious as to how climate change works? Do you want to learn how to understand and predict severe storms? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a career in atmospheric sciences may be for you.

Why Illinois?

Building on our internationally recognized graduate program, Illinois now offers undergraduate degrees in Atmospheric Sciences. Our faculty consists of leading scientists and award-winnng lecturers from that will lead you through our broad selection of courses across the discipline. Champaign-Urbana experiences the four seasons of weather (from blizzards to severe thunderstorms), so there is no shortage of subject material to study just outside your window. The University of Illinois, ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a Top 10 Public University, offers many opportunities outside the department to broaden your horizons.

Student Life

Undergraduate life at Illinois is as vibrant as our diverse student body of 30,000+ students! On campus activities from over 1,000 student organizations cover all things imaginable including sports, music, the arts, and community organizations. Our own Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is an active organization that coordinates many activities throughout the year. Champaign-Urbana offers the advantages of a college town with a very reasonable cost of living. The U of I is located less than three hours drive from Chicago, Indianapolis, and St. Louis, and buses to Champaign and Chicago airports make air travel easily accessible to the rest of the world.

Where do our graduates work?

Careers in atmospheric sciences span many employers from private companies to government organizations and universities. Check out our alumni list for a listing to see what our graduates are doing now, as well as our career pages for information on current job openings.

How do I apply? What financial aid is available?

Application for admission and financial aid is available through the Office of the Registrar website.Connect here!