Undergraduate minor in atmospheric sciences

The minor in Atmospheric Sciences is designed for students who desire a significant background in Atmospheric Sciences to support work in their major field. This minor will especially benefit students who choose to pursue careers in environmental areas in which multidisciplinary background is essential. The Atmospheric Science minor can complement majors in engineering and agriculture, scientific pursuits such as chemistry, physics, biology, and scientific writing, or curricula preparatory to teaching in secondary schools.

The curriculum will provide students with opportunities to expand their capabilities for quantitative and qualitative reasoning, to obtain a basic understanding of their physical environment, to understand and use technological and scientific tools, and to develop educated opinions concerning their environment.  The courses teach excellence in communication, both oral and written, and students are challenged to improve their skills.  Students who complete the minor are better prepared to work as professionals in the multidisciplinary environment that characterizes environmental sciences today.

To minor in Atmospheric Sciences, students should complete the form on the website:


take the form to the Atmospheric Sciences Department for the Department Head's signature, and take the form to their college office for approval. Students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences College should go to LAS Student Academic Affairs Office at 2002 Lincoln Hall.

Course requirements