Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:38:46 -0500
From: Joe Graham
To: sroy@Princeton.EDU
Subject: Silly Research Work

Mr. Roy

I found it hilarious that newspapers around the world have circulated your research about 10,000 turbines changing ground temperature. What dribble, first of all a wind farm of 10,000 turbines! You will need a land area of approximately 250,000 acres! Have you included the temperature of the ground where the underground cable is which connects each of the turbines? What about the area around the substations? How many substations would you need? Are the hubs of the turbines at 65 meters above the ground, or 10 meters? If you are standing in the field beneath these turbies, how much heat is your head turning out, while you consider such thoughts? Will Turbines positioned at 65 meters above ground serve as an "outside cooling system for your brain" while you stand there? Will this be less true if the turbines are only 55 meters high? If you are wearing a hat?

Another question to ponder while checking your navel for lint: If 10,000 turbines are placed on a landscape and each one has a one foot high strobe light positioned on the hub of each turbine, how many bats will die each year? What time of the night will be most deadly for the little critters? If they are left on the ground how much heat will they generate while decomposing? You have six years to research and here is $82,000 dollars in grant money. Go man Go!

If you were able to generate any research funds for this effort, you should truly be focusing on solving world problems. Oh, I've got a real issue to discuss: How many deaths occur around the world from unattended shopping carts that roll across parking lots toward pedestrians as they walk to and from a store? Is the head count changed by forcing stores to close one hour earlier on windy days. Will the most deaths occur in parking lots with 5% grade or 6%? Are the percentages different in regions where obesity is a problem? Are you most happy when you do research like this, or when you pump gas?

I have other thoughts to ponder, but no one has paid me so I shall keep them to myself. Maybe things would have been different if I choose Princeton. Cheers!

Joe Graham
BlueSkyWind, LLC
10 New King Street
White Plains, New York 10604
(914) 949-2292